The Next Best Thing to Being There

It's hard to communicate effectively on a conference call. You can't see the person you're talking to. You can't pick up non-verbal cues. You can't tell if what you're saying is actually getting through. iMeet's crystal-clear HD video gives you that visual connection that you just can't get on a phone call.


Make a personal connection.

Business is personal. It's about relationships. Nothing is more impersonal than talking to someone over the phone. iMeet gives you the ability to turn on your webcam and see the person you're talking to so you can make a better impression. It's a perfect solution for sales presentations. Candidate interviews. Staff meetings. Connecting with remote colleagues. It lets you build stronger relationships than you can build over the phone.

High-quality. Low-bandwith.

iMeet delivers the highest quality of HD video without sucking up huge amounts of bandwidth from your network.

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Safe and secure

Security is crititcal for business. So, iMeet's video is completely secure for large and small businesses.

Turn it on when you want it, turn it off when you don't.

Sometimes, you just don't want to be on video. Well, don't worry. iMeet gives you the ability to easily turn your video on and off. So, you're always in control of who can see you.

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