The New Way to Do Conference Calls

Frustrated with conference calls? So are we. We designed iMeet to make the old way of doing conference calls obsolete.


Say goodbye to the dial-in numbers and lengthy passcodes

iMeet's Auto-Connect™ feature lets you instantly join the conversation. You can set up iMeet to call you as soon as you enter the room. Just one click, and iMeet will call guests on their phone or computer.

Any way you want it

iMeet lets you select the way you want your audio – through your computer or through your phone. Both are included in your monthly subscription.

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See everyone on your call

With regular conference calls, it's hard to tell who's on the line and who's speaking. iMeet lets you see exactly who's on the call. And when people speak, their cube lights up so you always know who's talking.

Superior audio quality

Choppy audio can ruin a call. iMeet is built on the best-in-class audio platform that is used by 75% of the Fortune 500™ companies. So, you can be confident that your meetings will have the highest quality audio possible.

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