Get to know iMeet

Meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere with simple, elegant
online meetings that let you build better relationships, leave
lasting, first-class impressions on guests and save thousands
on business travel.

iMeet integrates best-in-class video and web conferencing
with reliable conference calling in a secure, cloud-based
personalized online meeting space where you and your
guests can get together anytime.


Add Social Guest Network Sign in

One-click sign in with connected social network accounts.

One-click, social network sign in.

Addresses most requested improvement – easier guest experience.

Meeting hosts can make a great first impression with guests during the initial meetings.

Seamless sign-in allows meetings to start on time.

Quick and easy login takes the friction out of the process to join a meeting.

Bandwidth Bars

Shows the iMeeting guests the strength of their individual connections – just like cell phone connection bars.

Hosts can manage their guests' expectations for the iMeeting experience.

Host can optimize or limit functionality based on bandwidth strength.

Puts your best foot forward on their initial meeting.

Provides a visual insight to the level of connectivity per guest in the meeting.

Cloud-based meetings

No downloads. No delays.

iMeet is cloud-based, so your guests never have to spend valuable meeting time downloading complex software plug-ins. Anyone with an internet connection can instantly join your meetings right away.

HD video

Make your meetings more personal with crystal clear HD video.

In just one click you can be face-to-face with up to 15 people. And, iMeet is designed to deliver the highest quality of HD video without sucking up huge amounts of bandwidth from your network.

Don't like being on video? No worries. iMeet makes it just as easy to turn off your webcam and use your profile picture instead.

Mobile meetings

Meet with anyone, anywhere.

Take iMeet with you wherever you go. iMeet lets you host or attend meetings right from your iPad® or iPhone®.

iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.


Completely eliminate the need for dial-in numbers and pass codes to join audio meetings.

iMeet's Auto-Connect™ feature lets you instantly join the conversation. You can setup iMeet to call you as soon as you enter the room. Your guests just have to click and iMeet will automatically call their phone or computer.

Outlook® integration

Schedule meetings in Outlook in just a few clicks.

The iMeet Toolbar for Outlook makes it easy to meet now or schedule later. With the iMeet Toolbar, your invitations are pre-populated with all the meeting details.

Not using Outlook? No problem. You can also send meeting invites right from your iMeet room.

Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft®.

Screen and file sharing

iMeet makes sharing easy.

iMeet gives you the ability to easily share all kinds of files with your guests – presentations, videos, spreadsheets and much more – without having to email them before or during meetings.

You can even share your entire screen. Guests can see exactly what you want them to see in the highest quality possible on the market.

iMeet also lets you store your files in the cloud so your documents and presentations are always available on any device online.

Meeting notes

iMeet makes it fast and easy to take and share meeting notes.

Use the built-in Notes tool to capture and share meeting notes in your iMeet room.

Or, you can link your Evernote account with iMeet to sync and share your notes with other Evernote users.

Evernote is a registered trademark of Evernote


Connect with guests via live chat during meetings.

Chat can be public for all meeting guests or private between individuals. Chat lets you and your guests share ideas, web site links, or comments during meetings.

Customize your room

Make the room reflect your personality.

You can create your own personalized meeting room URL (e.g., create a unique room name, and select your room's background.

Plus, your iMeet room automatically reflects your current location, time and weather.

Room control panel

Maintain total control of your meetings with simple, one-click host controls.

iMeet's Control Panel gives you access to all of your room's features with just a few clicks. You can easily invite guests to meetings, upload and share files, control the meeting volume and mute participants.

You can also lock your room if you need to limit access.

Customizable cube

Create your personal space in iMeet.

The Cube is where you appear in iMeet. Your cube can be personalized with your name, photo and contact details. You can also write a short bio to let meeting guests know a little more about you.

Plus, you can link to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts to make your iMeet experience even more social, join each other's networks and expand your business contacts.

The Cube also has simple controls that let you turn your webcam on/off, raise your hand to ask a question and notify the group that you have stepped away.