Get to know iMeet

iMeet® represents the next-generation of secure online meetings for your business. A simple, elegant space where you and your guests can get together anytime, iMeet seamlessly integrates best-in-class video and web conferencing with legendary audio conferencing quality and reliability.

Presenting a clear alternative choice to unreliable audio conferencing and cumbersome web meeting software, iMeet lets you see who you're meeting with and learn more about them.

iMeet is easy to use and control, requiring no special software or hardware, and is always free for guests. Cloud-based and available anywhere, iMeet was specially designed for business users. Use it for team meetings, e-learning, candidate interviews, sales pitches or just catching up. Make presentations, watch videos together, or share files of any kind, while meeting face-to-face – all you need is an Internet connection.

iMeet helps you reduce travel costs, knock down geographic barriers and build better relationships with rich media tools that help you meet in more meaningful ways. iMeet offers simple pricing plans and is available on your PC, MAC, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android tablet.

iMeet is brought to you by PGi — The Meetings Experts. A global leader in virtual meetings, PGi serves 75% of the Fortune 100 from our offices in 25 countries worldwide.

For 20 years, we have innovated technologies that help people meet and collaborate in more enjoyable and productive ways. We bring together over 15 million people in nearly 4 million virtual meetings every month, and we are spearheading a new wave of technologies that are changing the way business meetings are conducted on smart phones, tablets and the web. Our global reach and singular focus on delivering the best meetings experience available are why PGi is trusted by many of the most discriminating buyers of technology in the world. PGi helps businesses of every size, in every industry, go global, mobile and green — we are The Meetings Experts. Visit www.pgi.com.